Monday, 23 November 2015

Things to Know about Faux Stone Panels

The walls decorated with stones are undoubtedly admirable because of the look, natural design and the coziness which only stones can provide. However, cost is the, perhaps, the only factor which makes homeowners and designers to shy away from using stone for home decoration. Moreover, the application of stones for wall decoration is also very costly and time consuming practice.

With faux stone panels expensive and not unfussy to apply, the cost effective alternate is really thinkable. And, if that alternate is able to compete from the perspective of quality of real stone too, it would undoubtedly be appreciable. This is what you can imagine while using faux stone panels. To elaborate it, there are certain points about faux stone panels that are worth remembering.

·        The very first reason for the anticipation of faux stone panels is low price. These panels are highly affordable and cost only the fraction or price that you would spend on real stone. With that said, you must know that real stone are not only expensive when bought but they also cost a big fortune when you call labor to that task.

·        Faux stone panels are made from polyurethane. Since this material is easy to mold and shape during development, the faux stone panels can be virtually as authentic as real stones from the perspective of outlook. Furthermore, the natural close cell structure of polyurethane is impervious to moisture.

·        With extreme ease of installation, Faux stone panels can be installed by homeowners themselves. It also means that labor cost can also be eliminated from this scenario. The faux stone panels often contain installation guides which can guide you through the process of installation. Good thing is that you can use your innovative abilities to create sophisticated designs on the walls without getting into major fuss.

·        Being impermeable due to close cell structured polyurethane; faux stone panels are more durable than any other artificial material that can be used for designing. These panels are also UV resistant which means these panels, once installed, tolerate harsh weather changes and may last several decades. In fact, you can rate faux stone panels as durable as real stones from a number of perspectives.

·        Faux stone panels are amazing to look at. These are texturized and designed in such a way that most sharp-eyed sight will not be able reveal that installed stones are not real.

If you are thinking about applying the best solution to renovate your home without spending major chunk out of your budget, faux stone panel is definitely the option you can go for.